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Rack grade AR rifles, pistols and SBRs seldom reach their full potential right out of the box. Fortunately, tightening up the AR platform's accuracy is a Citizen Arms specialty. Your gun's operating system and current configuration will determine which accurization steps can be applied, but my techniques are sound and my track record for increasing AR accuracy is flawless. The cost varies per gun and depends on what's needed. The simplest accurization jobs run around $200 while more complex work can run up to around $500. Services for non-AR platforms (AK, SIG, SCAR, ACR, HK series, etc) are offered on a space-available basis and may have limited options.

Likewise, the AR platform's modular nature makes it easy to improve its functionality. Common examples are the installation of folding stock/brace adapters, barrel or caliber changes, custom paint jobs, freefloat forend installations and take-down barrel system conversions. You pick out the configuration and I'll do the work...correctly.

If your AR has functional troubles right out of the box, I always recommend that you try to get the manufacturer to honor their work and warranty. If they will not or cannot get your AR running right, I will. Unlike many mass producers, I back all of my work. I guarantee accuracy and can provide the right components to fit your needs or use parts you already have on-hand. Don't settle for substandard performance from this very capable platform.

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