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Oftentimes "rack grade" ARs fall short on performance. Tightening up the accuracy of existing rifles, pistols and uppers is a Citizen Arms specialty. Likewise, this platform's modularity makes rebuilding it into a more functional tool a fairly simple process. You pick out a new configuration and I'll do all the work. If your AR has functional troubles right out of the box but the manufacturer won't fix it to your liking, Citizen Arms can get it running correctly. My track record for tightening up and repairing existing ARs is excellent and unlike many mass producers, I back all of my work. I guarantee accuracy and can provide the right components to fit your needs or use those you already have. 

Basic accurization services for ARs start around $200 and go up from there, depending on what's needed and the specific firearm model. Services for non-AR platforms (AK, SCAR, ACR, HK 93 / 91 series, etc) are offered on a space-available basis and may have limited options.

Accurization & Rebuilds