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These highly portable carbines are suitable for vehicle transport, back country hiking, mountain hunts, bugging out, smaller-frame shooters or anywhere else that a minimalist AR is desired. While 5.56 NATO is the common chambering, Hoplites in calibers like 7.62x39mm, .300 Blackout or on the .308-sized receiver are also available. Weight and dimensions are dependent on chosen components but accuracy is guaranteed sub-MOA. I use durable but light freefloat tubes, thin contour barrels and shave weight and bulk wherever possible without shaving performance or durability. Common configuration 5.56 chambered Hoplites tip the scales between 5 and 5.5 lbs (unloaded) while my large frame ARs can be built in the 7 to 8 lb range--all using standard materials. My Hyper-Lite carbines and pistols shed even more weight than standard Hoplites through the use of titanium, aluminum and polymer components in place of traditional small steel parts when the lightest weight possible is the prime consideration. Note that I will not use skeletonized receivers for my builds..


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