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R E L I A B L E -A C C U R A T E -P R A C T I C A L


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These highly portable carbines are suitable for vehicle transport, back country hiking, mountain hunts, bugging out, smaller-frame shooters or anywhere else that a minimalist AR is desired. While 5.56 NATO is the common chambering, Hoplites in calibers like 7.62x39mm or on the .308-sized receiver are also available. Weight and dimensions are dependent on chosen components but accuracy is guaranteed sub-MOA. I use durable but light freefloat tubes, thin contour barrels and shave weight and bulk wherever possible without shaving performance or durability. Common configuration 5.56 chambered Hoplites tip the scales between 5 and 5.5 lbs (unloaded) and 7.5 to 8 lbs in .308 Win. Lighter carbines are available when shaving weight is more important than the size of your 5-shot groups.