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NFA Firearms


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Citizen Arms is a Class II SOT/Licensed manufacturer/dealer of silencers/sound suppressors, Short Barrel Rifles (SBR), Short Barrel Shotguns (SBS) and fully automatic firearms. I don't offer retail sales services, but I'm happy to handle your NFA needs in conjunction with any custom AR work I'm doing for you. 

Federal law restricts new full-auto manufacturing, allowing them for law enforcement, military and gov't agency customers only. I offer newly-built full-autos to customers in these categories on a special order basis only but I service existing, lawfully-owned NFA firearms for citizens, LE and military alike.

Two articles that may be helpful are Navigating the National Firearms Act and Suppressor Basics, courtesy of Shooting Illustrated Magazine. Both are a little dated (some of the NFA rules have been updated) but the meat and potatoes still apply. For those folks who want a short barrel without the hassle of dealing with NFA registration and fees, I can also pin & weld 14.5" barrels to bring carbines to a legal 16" barrel length or build AR pistols and pistol uppers.

I've posted a few images of past sound suppressor and SBR projects below.