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NFA Firearms

Highly accurate, full custom rifles and carbines, accurized customer ARs, home of AR accuracy

R E L I A B L E -A C C U R A T E -P R A C T I C A L


Citizen Arms is a Class II SOT/Licensed manufacturer/dealer of silencers/sound suppressors, Short Barrel Rifles (SBR), Short Barrel Shotguns (SBS) and fully automatic firearms. I don't offer retail sales services, but I'm happy to handle your NFA needs in conjunction with any custom AR work I'm doing for you. 

Federal law restricts new full-auto manufacturing, allowing them for law enforcement, military and gov't agency customers only. I offer newly-built, full-autos as well as short barrel rifles and suppressed systems to customers in these categories on a special order basis only but I service existing, lawfully-owned NFA firearms for citizens, LE and military alike.

For those folks who want a short barrel without the hassle of dealing with NFA registration and fees, I can also pin & weld 14.5" barrels to bring carbines to a legal 16" barrel length or build AR pistols and pistol uppers. I've posted a few images of past sound suppressor and SBR projects below.