Yankee Hill Machine .30 Phantom 4300 Light Tactical series stainless steel sound suppressor. 20 oz, up to 39 db sound reduction. The perfect suppressor for multi-cal / multi gun use up to .30 bore size. Like new, only 20 rounds test fired through it  to check mount stability. Requires YHM 4302 series quick detach mount (not included). Full specs here All NFA Rules apply. Must be shipped to a licensed Class II manufacturer or Class III dealer in your state of residence. Only 1 available

Assorted gas blocks, older styles but entirely functional for a budget build project. L to R: YHM steel with sight rail, Evolution Gun Works aluminum lo-profile, Koelbl/DPMS aluminum with sight rail, Armalite steel with sight rail. All are .750 bore and some may show minor marks from storage or shipping. One or more of each available.

YHM steel with rail: $30 shipped within continental US

Sale Price: $85.00 & free shipping within continental US.

$560.00 & free shipping within continental US

Sale Price: $135.00 & free shipping within continental US.

Micro MOA Govnah adjustable gas block. These are the last of their kind. New/unused, 3-port/type 2 regulator plates. Finger/cartridge tip adjustable and perfect for direct impingement AR gas systems, especially suppressed or short barrel guns. Gas ports are piloted but not fully rilled so you get to customize them to your needs. I'm keeping a couple and selling a couple.

Occasionally I have test items and excess inventory that are either new or like-new and priced to sell. I usually have multiples of parts listed but any special items like upper receiver assemblies or silencers will be one-offs. All prices are figured with shipping within continental US. Additional shipping for sales to Alaska or Hawaii. 

EGW Alum lo pro: $30 shipped within continental US

Palmetto State Armory PA-10 stripped upper. New in box and ready for your large receiver AR build, compatible with LR-308 pattern lowers but best used with PSA's PA-10 lower receiver. I have several of these for sale while they last.

Mepro RDS Tru Dot Pro, Mil Spec sight. This is the Night Vistion-compatible version with 1.8 MOA dot, auto-shut off and sleep/motion mode, integral QD mount and powered by a single common AA battery. New in box. Only 1 available, selling for less than I paid.

Great evaluation here by one of my favorite gunwriters.

Koelbl Alum with rail: $30 shipped within continental US

$225.00 & free shipping within the continental US

Armalite steel with rail: $30 shipped within continental US

16" stainless steel, matte finish, .223 Wylde match chamber, medium/light contour, 1:8 twist, mid-length gas, polygonal rifling, 1/2-28 muzzle, new. Made for Rainier Arms as a Select Grade match barrel. I've built several carbines with these barrels and every one has shot a couple different types of factory ammunition under 1 MOA at 100 yds. I only have 1 left.

$600.00 & free shipping to your Class II or III SOT licensee within continental US

R E L I A B L E -A C C U R A T E -P R A C T I C A L


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