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R E L I A B L E -A C C U R A T E -P R A C T I C A L

It's gratifying to fully test each rifle, pistol or upper I build and see how it performs on target. But what matters most is that my customers are happy with their ARs. Here's what a few of them have said:

"My AR pistol arrived today & I'm beyond pleased with the build, as it was exactly what I wanted. Being in the gun & training business myself, I put high service standards on myself & my business & also on any companies I do business with. I have to say you met & exceeded in all aspects, which unfortunately is diminishing in our industry. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future."

Scott M.

"A friend had a weapon that Citizen Arms had reworked and it was such excellent work, I was interested to see what else they offered. I had CA build me a 308 Precision Carbine and it far exceeded expectations in both accuracy and craftsmanship. I've since had CA build two more weapons--a 5.56 Hoplite and a 300 BLK AR pistol. I can't begin to express my satisfaction with these exceptional weapons. The only thing that exceeds the accuracy and quality of Steve's work is his customer service. I would and have recommended his work to anyone who is in the market for a top quality gun."
Sam Spears, CSM USA (R)

"When it comes to building top quality, dependable and accurate AR-15s there is no place to go but Citizen’s Arms. Steve’s attention to detail and customer service is second to none. Steve worked with me to come up with a rifle that was perfect for my needs. His experience and background make him the go to guy in the industry because he knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. My rifle is exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you again for the great rifle and I’m excited for my next one." 

Tom L.

“I've purchased a full build and an upper from Steve and am extremely happy with both. His communication, attention to detail, and ability to help guide you in the right direction set him apart. These guns are top notch. I used to think custom builds were too expensive for my budget but after working with Steve I realized you can get full custom firearms built exactly how you want them for the same price as many off the shelf guns. On top of this Steve is enjoyable to work with and  his follow up is second to none. I’ll never buy another off the shelf gun when I could have one built by Steve and support a hard working veteran and his family at the same time."
Chris N. - Maine

“Steve is a true professional, more than many of us truly know. He is always available and willing to answer questions and timely in his responses. His attention to detail is unmatched in the business. He builds world class weapons that are meant to be used but will stand up to the punishment if put to the test. I won’t go to anyone else when it comes to having a quality rifle built. I know I can trust this rifle with my life and trust it to protect others lives in the performance of my law enforcement duties. Thank you Steve"
Jerad Kent

"I was fortunate that a friend referred me to Citizen Arms for a rifle builds. I have experience with hunting rifles but limited knowledge of AR platforms. Steve took the time to educate me on the pros, cons and options for multiple calibers, barrel lengths, optics, etc for my particular needs. The rifle is absolutely fantastic. I have used it to hunt deer, antelope and prairie dogs with 100% success. The words "tack driver" get thrown around a lot, but in this case it spot on. If you look at his testimonials you'll see that not only does he have recommendations from guys like me who want quality rifles for hunting or self defense but recommendations from people whose lives depend on their firearms. That says it all. Thank you Steve for your help with my rifle and your service to our country."
Eric. M. -Denver, CO

“I own upward of 20 ARs and I build and tinker with many of my own, as well. Within my collection are a variety of high-end platforms from many of the recognized names in accuracy and performance. My collection includes guns in various configurations, size envelopes, and chamberings. They range from the staples to some of the more exotic calibers. Steve has built 4 ARs for me; two guns and two uppers.  Additionally he’s accurized and TI’d several of my rifles from some of those high-end manufacturers. Every time I get a gun back from Steve, I always ask myself why I even bothered with any other builder or manufacturer. The reliability, accuracy, and customer service is frankly unparalleled by anything else I own. Steve is incredibly thorough, responsive, courteous, and always available for any questions or requests I have.  Most importantly, his knowledge is unparalleled by a majority of those I’ve met in the gun business. He is always humble, yet his opinions are informed by personal experience serving in Units that are at the forefront of combat developments. Over the years I’ve been going to Steve, I can clearly see why many of the prominent manufactures in the industry retain him as a consultant. And while he’ll rarely take credit, his fingerprints have been associated with developing some of the sought after accessories on long guns today. Finally, and most important to me, Steve stands behind his product. Everything he’s ever built or worked on for me comes back done right, and if there is anything that can ever make it better, I can always count on him to reach out to me on his own to apply the lessons learned from his craft. For all the reasons above, I think Steve and Citizen Arms are the best kept secret I’ve ever stumbled upon, as a shooter, hunter, veteran, and avid firearms enthusiast.”

K. H.

"I was recommended Citizen Arms from John “Shrek” McPhee. John was not pushy with the recommendation, just that he had several builds from Steve that he personally used. I contacted Steve with two different builds that I was interested in. Knowing that I was only going to purchase one, I wanted to compare them. Then end goal for me was to have a highly accurate AR Pistol that was small enough for me to pack with me in a backpack and with the least amount of weight possible. I wanted this in a 11.5”  Steve’s patience and knowledge were great. We traded numerous emails over the course of a month or so. When it came to the weight it was a very important issue for me. The final product was incredible. I received exactly what I was looking for. Steve was great with his communication and the fact that it is his name that is attached to this I believe he builds every rifle as he would if it was his own. I would highly recommend Citizen Arms for a custom AR build. I am a US Army Veteran with 24 yrs of LE experience. 20 of those years I have spent in multiple SWAT teams. Been around enough training and weapons to have an idea of quality when it comes to firearms. Thanks again Steve. Until the next time!"

D. May

"The AR 15 and AR 10 that Steve built for me are the perfect tools to introduce my son and daughter to rifle marksmanship and long range shooting. The craftsmanship, precision and customer service is second to none." 
Glen Mizer, Cumming, Ga.

“When you decide to purchase a custom built AR, you likely already decided that “good” is not good enough. When I decided to have my first AR built, I didn’t have to look much farther than Citizen Arms. Steve came recommended from John “Shrek” McPhee, AKA The Sheriff of Baghdad, so the legitimacy of Citizen Arms’ work was without question. I came to Steve with the request of a 7.62x39 AR Hoplite build. You may hear that American made AR/AK guns are crap. Well, if that was true, I wouldn’t be writing this. Steve built what I consider to be the best gun I own. The timing and build quality are amazing. Not to mention I can run pretty much any ammunition out of it. It seems to chew up the Wolf 7.62 ammo great. Weighing in at just over 6 lbs unloaded this “Hoplite” was a great addition. The timing, the accuracy, and the flawless delivery of my rifle is all thanks to Steve at Citizen Arms. Would highly recommend.” 

"I just wanted to say, I’ve been using the rifle quite a bit since I got it. Man, it’s nice!!! I can easily feel the difference. It’s also brought out all of the faults with my other .308s having something properly done to compare them to. I really appreciate all of your time."


"I had a chance to get out to the range to try out the new AR. Red dot was dead on at 50yds--only needed to do a small adjustment to the iron sights to match. You sir, do amazing work. I knew it was a beautiful machine you built, but it's exceeded my expectations for function. I can't wait to get back out to train with it further! Just wanted to send one more "thank you" to you. I'm a very happy customer and will be singing your praises to anyone who asks about my AR" 

Jim P, Delaware

"Hey Steve just wanted to give you an up date on the gun you built for me. I figured I would shoot it a while and see what I thought of it, instead of just shooting it once. I have been shooting it for months now and have decided that I am now a real believer in having someone who knows how to put a gun together build a gun. It's awesome. I take it with me everywhere. I've read a lot of places that AR's will not function with steel case ammo...that is a total lie. I probably shoot steel case through it 90 percent of the time. I can't wait to kill some tasty animals with it this fall. Again thanks for your time and your Shooting Illustrated articles."


"Steve, I’ve had the chance to go out to the range and the rifle you put together is outstanding. I’ve gone out a few times and put a little over 100 rounds through it. I am typically shooting right around 1 MOA groups with it. Some better, some worse. I haven’t put the suppressor on yet but will likely do that in the near future. Also looking at taking to a good distance range and see how far I can push it. All around the rifle feels and shoots great! Couldn’t be happier with it. Thanks again"
Eric L

"Steve, I love this rifle. Works perfectly. It's the favorite of my collection. Hard to miss, feel like I could hit anything with it. Consistently. Awesome job--you made me a very happy man."

Louie S

"Steve, today I fired the rifle. Yours is the work of a master artisan. People today don't deliver products at that level because they don't respect them enough to see in them a reflection of who they are. My complete admiration to you."

Alex Verjovsky, NC

"Steve, just sending you a quick email to say that I put about 300 rds through the rifle you retro fit for me. My experience with the AR platform was very limited (recreation shooting only). I carried and qualified with the Ruger Mini-14 as a patrolman. If you only drive yugos and you start driving a BMW you know the difference! My AR is definitely a BMW. Very pleased with it. Thank you." 

David M.

"At the word of a well-known shooting instructor I was pointed towards Citizen Arms for a duty capable and reliable AR-10 that would be a hand built “full package.”  After contacting Steve we went step by step through what I needed in an AR-10 style rifle- something that could work close and fast as well as out to extended ranges.  In the end we specified a 13” barreled AR-10 with a 12” MLOK rail, LAW folder, and 1.1-8x Leupold CQBSS. Steve built a gun that grouped with the specified off the shelf ammunition tighter than my bolt rifle with comparable ammunition. After a long NFA wait I took delivery of the zero’d and ready to fire rifle at the end of June, since then I have put around 170 rounds through it and it has proven flawless in function and capable of greater accuracy than I am. Up close the rifle handles like any AR should and the CQBSS is easy to get behind. This rifle has become my go to rifle for when I need a 308."


​"Citizen Arms was recommended to me by shooting mentors and friends.  On their advice I contacted Steve and began a conversation regarding my “dream gun.”  Steve was responsive, prompt, patient, and educational.  He helped me to “know what I didn’t know” about the features I sought in a custom AR.  And the extended comms, as well as the wait for the build, was worth it!  My rifle shoots like a dream, and I’ve had no trouble with accuracy out to 400m, with an SBR!  Steve’s customer service and commitment to his work is almost unheard of today, and I was so pleased I sent two more rifles to him for accurizing.  Highly and unequivocally recommended!"
LT Ron Flowers, Allentown PD (ret)

"My Hoplite is by far the most accurate rifle I have ever fired. I got it right after my son was born. I knew when I ordered with Steve, it would be an an AR I could proudly and confidently pass on to my boy when the time comes. From order to delivery, it was an awesome experience getting suggestions and guidance from one of the best in the craft. I'm glad my friends sent me to Citizen Arms."              Matt - Cincinnati, Ohio

"Citizens Arms Company is the best of the best in the world of AR rifles. The attention to detail, craftsmanship and customer service is second to none.  After being introduced to Steve by a friend/business partner and growing a relationship with him the business is a reflection of the owner's integrity and honesty.  I have purchased several builds from Citizen Arms and it is always nice to talk to Steve. (Proverbs 27:17) Thank you for your friendship Steve." Bryan Foster - Roper, NC 

“If you desire accuracy, reliability, durability, in a timely fashion with the highest quality and craftsmanship, then contact Citizen Arms and soon you’ll be blazing with a one of a kind masterpiece!!  I reached out to Steve to build my custom .308 Win, he walked me thru the many available options offering his experience and expertise, at very affordable pricing. I requested a 1” MOA and he delivered a reliable, accurate precision weapon with a .56” MOA average with 4 test groups, which exceeded my expectations and certainly outperforms my abilities.”  TC - Wyoming

"I have a difficult time providing a review for the fine work of Citizen Arms: Anything I say will sound to good to be true and will still fall short of the obsessive attention to detail that CA brings to every rifle build. As a proud owner of multiple CA weapons, I know of no other AR builder that provides better service and I know of no other AR builder that constructs a better weapon at any price. The quality, durability, and accuracy of a CA weapon is second to none.  CA is the first and last name in accurate reliable AR platform rifles."
R. - Florida

"My journey with Citizen Arms began with a recommendation and a pair of uppers. A couple of years and several thousand rounds later all of my  training, work, and personal rifles have been upgraded to Jedi Master Steve's works of art. They far surpass anything else I have access to in reliability and accuracy. Add his wonderfully patient and knowledgeable customer service to the package  and I cannot give any higher praise, except to the LORD above. Trust his rifles with your life, I  do!"
M. Rhodes

"I was fortunate enough to go to the range with a great friend of mine during a visit to Ft Bragg. The Citizen Arms Eastern Predator I fired that day convinced me I had to have one. Steve was gracious enough to put me in line for one and I am glad he did! My Eastern Predator (.223, 16") is the finest weapon I have ever fired. My next goal is to actually become good enough to take full advantage of this fine piece of engineering."
Mike Longo Memphis

“A word of warning … Steve’s rifles are addictive … you can’t stop with just one.  I’ve recently received my third Citizen Arms rifle in as many years, and each one has been exceptional.  Beyond the high quality, accuracy, and reliability of the finished product, the process of working with Steve to develop the build spec for a project is a real pleasure - his encyclopedic knowledge, responsiveness, and post-delivery follow-up are unsurpassed.  I’m already looking forward to my next Citizen Arms project.”  - JM, Houston, TX

"I wanted was several basic things in a rifle: 1. powerful enough to kill a Whitetail deer effectively. 2. Quality built, reliable, accurate. 3. Very capable in defending myself and family in a time of need. I emailed Steve and relayed that info and said I'd trust his judgement in building the right rifle. He responded back in a timely manner, and with a recommendation to go with a 7.62x39mm chamber, in a Eastern predator model. Other than that we went over a few small preference details, and the build started. He finished it in a timely manner, and when I received it, everything was packaged very cleanly and thoughtfully with a excellent owners manual. As with anything quality you can tell when you first pick it up by the feel of it in your hands. I have friends with home builds and box store guns, and they just felt cheap when I handled them, and they were always seemingly having to fix something or wanting to improve some part of it, and there goes more of their time and money. I was happy to pay more up front, and have a complete quality gun from day one that needed no extra improvement. 1st class service & work. Thanks Steve!"
Mark Duran Michigan

"I have tons of ARs and didn't really know what a custom build was until I had Steve build my CA Hoplite. From the start I knew it was going to be special. Steve works in detail on every aspect of the gun he is building for YOUR specific needs. His creation was a sexy work horse. I can spend the day at the range with my 5.56 and slap the 7.62 x39 upper he built for me on and I'm hog hunting that afternoon. Flawless function, affordable and tack driving accurate.. enough said. Steve is always available for questions and service after the build also. His knowledge of all things guns is impressive!"Fred W.

"My Citizen Arms AR10 has proven to be a much better rifle than my capabilities. Every time I push my limits the gun answers with a predictable precision that impresses me every time. I will continue to grow into my rifle throughput my lifetime & one day give it to my son. Thank you Steve!"

"I've bought three complete Rifles and had one upper modified by Citizens Arms, and they are by far the best AR type rifle that I've own/shot."
Tim, FL

"After competing with a Remington MSR, and an SR-25, I decided to get a gas operated rifle in an alternate caliber to try and bridge the gap between the larger caliber .300 Norma and the standard 7.62mm gas gun.  My thinking was that I would sacrifice some accuracy on the far end, and make up for it with the inherent speed and ease of reloading an AR based weapon.  The first time I used my Citizen Arms 6.5mm Creedmoor AR, I got two first round hits at 1000 yards, and went on to win the match.  I’ve since used it in two more matches, and in 719 rounds have not experienced a malfunction.  (It’s rare to go through a match and not see someone in your squad have fits with their gas or bolt gun)  I have several very high-end rifles of varying calibers.  When reliability, accuracy, ease of handling and maintenance are considered, my Citizen Arms comes out on top across the board."Bob Shalala

"I was referred to Steve by a co-worker and friend. I had seen his rifles mentioned in the past by SOB Tactical, but didn’t really pay attention at the time. I now understand what the hype is about. Steve goes above and beyond to give the customer what he wants out of a custom rifle and the end product is perfection. From the test targets, to the spec sheet to the overall customer service, you cannot go wrong with a Citizen Arms built rifle. This was my first CA rifle but won’t be my last."
Brian C, South Carolina

"Citizen Arms is a great small business that puts the customer first in every part of their business. I'm proud to own three of their rifles. Steve does top notch work and makes sure to get every detail from you when placing your order. The phrase "you get what you pay for" is still as true today as it ever will be. You may pay an extra buck to get one of these finely made American rifles but rest assured you will not be unhappy with it. I trust these rifles to protect my family, put down coyotes and bring down Kansas whitetail deer."DG

"I purchased a Hoplite 300 ACC upper with a 16 inch barrel and ACOG for my Colt AR. It is my favorite rifle for hunting and the range. I shoot sub MOA groups at 100 meters with Hornady 110 Vmax. I was so happy I then asked  Steve to build a precision 308. Steve worked with me taking my criteria and adding his suggestions for my build including optics. He also helped me with the necessary paperwork to get a suppressor that is compatible with my rifles. If you have a question he is quick with a response. I could not be more pleased."

Pete, NC

"Steve of Citizen Arms was highly recommended to me by John McPhee the Sheriff of Baghdad. The level of quality, value and customer service you get from Citizen Arms is uncompromising. He could not have been more patient with questions and concerns, he offered valued and experienced advice when choosing different components for the rifle. Steve is an affable fellow and masterful rifle builder that I would exclusively buy rifles from....from the beginning Steve without arrogance, but solid confidence simply stated "this rifle will not fail you." I am an absolutely satisfied and pleased customer who will be back again."
Midwestern Law Enforcement Officer

"Anybody wanting a custom AR built personally for them that encompasses customer first service, quick responses answering any and all questions, detailed product descriptions, and a rifle package that makes any other manufacturer an amateur. Check out Citizen Arms."

Mike S.

"I bought an AR-10 from Citizen Arms trying to build something similar to the M110 I used to have. I took it down to Rifles Only for a five days course and was able to hit 10" plates at a 1000 yards. The rifle has surpassed my expectation completely and shoots better than the M110 in my opinion. I first came across Citizen Arms when I was taking courses from some former Tier 1 instructors. Once I saw they endorsed his work I knew this company was for real and haven't looked back since."
Curtis A.

"Heard of CA by word of mouth, wanted an AR builder semi local for a build for my wife's birthday. I submitted my form for the build and the rest as they say is history. Wife LOVED her rifle, and I have been going back ever since. The knowledge is literally PHD level concerning this platform, and you will not get better customer service from anyone. I support Veteran Owned and Operated Small Business as much as I can, being prior service myself, and I have found what I consider the premier builder ,as far as what I am looking for ,and will go to no one else when it comes to the AR platform."Butch T, NC

"I bought my 7.62x39 AR from Citizen's arms after seeing a top shooting instructor use one and decided to do something nice for myself. I wanted something completely custom and unique so I contacted Citizen arms and Steve was able to make my dream rifle a reality all the way from parts down to the extremely cool blue stealth urban camo paint job all within my budget (btw, many off the rack rifles cost as much or more than my custom beauty)! The look and accuracy of the rifle exceeded what I expected to get and the entire process was extremely easy and enjoyable. For anyone thinking about getting a high end AR, I highly recommend Citizen Arms". 

Dave Waller, Texas

"I will not buy another build from any other company other than Citizen Arms, period. I contacted Citizen Arms via email regarding a possible project and received an immediate response. Steve worked with me over a period of 3 months to hammer out exactly what I wanted. That included numerous email exchanges with his guidance and experience, while there was zero pressure for the sale. The end result was not only the best AR build I have, but one of the best customer service interactions I have experienced. This is business how it should to be conducted. A craftsman standing behind his product, and delivering above and beyond expectations."Max B., AZ

"After owning 2 custom guns from Citizen arms, I can confidently say that there is no comparison or substitute in the industry for a Citizen Arms rifle.  The guns' accuracy and reliability are second to none, and I sometimes joke that there must some magic involved with how in the world they get them to group so well. But the real thing that sets these rifles apart from the crowd is the service.  Never have I purchased anything from anyone so willing to help and answer questions to make sure I am completely satisfied.  Both the firearms and the people that build them are world class, and I’m glad I was introduced to them."Austin Ledbetter, Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.

"Wonderful... Shot some Winchester through it and was very, very pleased. What a great weapon!!! Thanks again .... Really couldn't be more happy!! "Richard B.

"Steve, package received and it exceeded my expectations. I am amazed with the light weight and total build quality, fabulous work sir.  Thanks again for a job well done and it was a pleasure doing business with you."

"Just wanted to follow-up on the Hoplite.  After several range sessions, I want to report that it has exceeded my expectations and is truly amazing.  Consecutive one hole groups are standard using regular Freedom Munitions 55gr ammo at 50 and 100 yards with backup sights...I will be contacting you regarding a .308 soon." Derek R.

"Your builds are the best out there Steve. I ran mine all day back in April during an SOB Tactical training class and it ran flawless. The work you put into these rifles is amazing."  Eric Connor, Arkansas

"Steve is a consummate professional. I emailed numerous gun makers before learning of Citizen arms and their responses were few and very vague. Steve responded immediately and answered all questions no matter how sophomoric or perhaps naive they could seem to a veteran of the armed forces. His knowledge and expertise serve to provide the customer with a  high quality product that is far superior to both assembly line and other custom firearm makers. I will never go to anyone else other than Citizen Arms for rifles. In a market saturated with overpriced rifles and myth, Citizen Arms stands atop with superior customer service and knowledge which results in a product that is second to none." Colin S.

"JP and Larue build excellent rifles, you build superb (almost perfect) rifles. I've got all of them and shoot yours 99% of the time. I'll never buy another  gas gun from a high dollar dealer or seller. If you can't build it I'm not going to shoot it."Chad A.

“Building my Hoplite with Steve was like being fitted for a custom suit with one of the world’s best tailors.  We walked through every detail together, assessing all of my needs, and addressing everything I could expect from my finished rifle.  When I finally got it in my hands, it was even better than I had imagined. Steve not only met, but exceeded my expectations – a feat I rarely see anyone pull off.”

Brad Thor, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

"I wanted to build a accurate hunting round for my Citizen Arms .308. After experimenting with many reloading factors, powders, primers, cases, and seating depth, I developed a very reliable and accurate load for my custom built CA rifle. It is the most accurate gas operated rifle I've ever seen or shot. I shot five consecutive, 5 shot groups well under 1MOA. Most were around 1/2" MOA. My rifle was outfitted with a Bushnell elite tactical HDMR scope with Horus H59 reticle. Using the Strelok ballistic program and muzzle velocity data, the program would provide sight hold for the target at any range. I'm proud to say that my CA rifle put the bullet on target at any range selected. Thank you for building my rifle and all the assistance concerning ballistic programs, Horus vision, and answering my long distance shooting questions."  Steve J., Virginia

"Citizen Arms is by far the most unique manufacturer of AR styled rifles in the world. I purchased two custom rifles, one in .223 and the other in .308. Steve was able to take my unique requests and produce two extremely accurate and reliable rifles. When I do training courses for local law enforcement and allow them to shoot both rifles, they are amazed by the craftsmanship, reliability, accuracy and the price. CA rifles sell themselves. There is no other manufacturer that has the individual background and talents that Steve possesses to produce high-end, extremely accurate and most importantly, combat reliable AR-style assault rifles that will meet your specific shooting requirements at an economical cost. I recommend a CA rifle for any individual that wants a great rifle or LE officer that needs the best when it counts." CK

"I have 2 custom rifles that Steve has built for me. They are masterpieces and are extremely accurate. Like my home computer, they can do so much more that I can make them do. True precision." Bill W. Fayetteville, NC

"I've been exposed to many different weapons in my career; HKs, Knights Armament, Daniel defense, and Larue  to name a few. Nothing else I've shot even comes close to my Citizen Arms AR. Having shot a fair bit I did some research before buying my own platform, checking around on forums, at work, and running my friends guns to find what I liked. I wasn't satisfied with what I found until my brother introduced me to Steve at CA. If you're in doubt over what to buy I challenge you to talk to anyone who has a CA weapon. Steve is a master craftsman and his weapons are works of art. Other guns want to grow up to be my gun." Patty O'Keefe

"I've been carrying AR-style carbines for over 30 years in both military and contracting roles. Putting aside a government issued carbine and getting behind the trigger of a CA carbine is like stepping out of a '73 Vega and climbing into a Porsche. It's a completely different gun. I love the 5.56 carbine Steve built so much I bought one for my daughter. A .308 from Steve is in my not too distant future. If you want a precision carbine, leave the Bushmasters and whatnot on the shelf in the gun store and contact Steve. You won't regret it."

Scott Carter, North Carolina

"As a specialized surgeon my life involves precision work with precision get what you pay out the best and you will not be disappointed...I have both Hoplite 7.62x39 and match grade 7.62x51 ARs. No regrets." Steven P, North Carolina

"Citizen Arms is, without a doubt, one of the finest custom firearms manufacturers I have ever dealt with. I will never consider using another company. Their attention to detail and strive for perfection is unparalleled. I never knew a rifle's accuracy could be improved the way they did with mine. Their accurization process is unmatched and proven!" Greg Windmiller

I have had custom guns built by some of the best gunsmiths in the country. Working with Steve has been a great experience from start to finish, very professional. Some good gunsmiths do great work but are lacking in the communication/customer service dept. Not so with Steve, everything was handled very efficiently and the rifle he built for me exhibits great quality and workmanship."

Stefan Bolin, Naples FL

"Steve / Citizen Arms has the rare ability to build a weapon with not only quality and craftsmanship but accuracy and durability.  If I could carry a CA gun in combat I would, hands down." ML

"Most accurate weapon I have ever fired" GB

"Citizen Arms builds very accurate and very reliable rifles. Steve has built me 556 and a 308 ARs. Both are impressive rifles. His customer service is great and he's very receptive and knowledge able. I won't buy another off the shelf AR. Thanks Steve." Mike E

"I've owned many different ARs and I must say Citizen Arms is a stand-out. The build-quality is unlike I've ever seen. Steve takes attention to detail to the nth degree. Accuracy is Hollywood movie good...if you do your part, the gun will absolutely deliver. I was introduced to CA while training with John at SOB Tactical, who instilled the correct fundamentals of marksmanship and made it  easy to hit steel at 600m with a non-magnified Eotech. CA's Hoplites are lightweight so shooting during a full week of training enhanced my ability to focus on the basics. I had zero failures in a thousand suppressed rounds, even though I didn't clean the rifle all week. It was utterly reliable, even when running super hot. Crazy sub-moa accurate out of every CA build, including a .308 Win. I've experienced no better customer service than with Citizen Arms. Steve will help you sort out build details or questions. I had a gas block issue with my .308 carbine when shooting suppressed so he immediately diagnosed and fixed the problem with a couple week's turnaround. It's been flawless ever since. Steve has the experience and know-how to help you create an amazing rifle that you and yours will enjoy for years to come. I cannot recommend Citizen Arms enough." Donkey

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the rifle. It is by far the best one I have ever bought. My wife and I had the time of our life trying it out on the range. After about 800 rounds through a span of about 3 days we left with no malfunctions and very confident in it. It is truly a work of art. I cant wait to buy my next platform from you." Jason Douglas

"Steve, I just shot my new blaster for the first time this past week... All I can say is this is one of the finest weapons
I've ever shot! Thanks."
Greg L., North Carolina

"I just wanted to let you know that I don't think I could be any happier with my .308. I think your costumer service and work is in a class of its own. I shot my best with it yesterday with a .6 MOA group at 100 yards. I plan on doing more business with you. Thank you for all your help. God Bless you and your business" David G.,Kansas

"Having Citizen Arms upgrade my AR15A2 gave me 2 highly accurate uppers to support my growing training business. My recent tactical pistol and carbine course (held at the SIG Academy) confirmed the exacting standards of Citizen Arms' work. Multiple types of ammunition over 2 days of sun, rain, mud, gravel, and awkward firing positions proved the CA 16" upper could stand up to the test.  Never a misfire nor jam, and accurate to nail driving standards.  Thanks Steve!" Mr. Kelly D Venden, Criterion Tactical, LLC,

"When I contacted Steve I not only wanted a very accurate gun, but also one I could deer hunt with. I got both. With the Hornady SST I can get within 1/2 MOA and at 400 yds within 1.5inches. I could not be happier. Thanks Steve." Danny Watson, Kenly, NC

"AWESOME Friday, picked up my new Citizen Arms custom 3-Gun today and took it to the range. All I can say is WOW, it blew my Stag 3 away in performance. If you are even thinking about getting an AR 15 rifle check out Citizen Arms first. You will not be disappointed and you will get an accurate, affordable rifle that is better than any off-the-shelf gun at your local shop. You customize your car, why not have the AR of your dreams. Don't settle for the econ model or the cool QUAD AR the shops push. These are priced right and are fully accurized during the build process. So that they will out perform the rack/shelf guns." Alan Condon, NY

"In over 50 years of shooting, I’ve neither personally owned nor was I ever assigned a firearm that matched the incredible quality of fit and function as those that Mr. Adelman has built for me.  Steve is a perfectionist with the highest professional standards, and of the guns he’s built for me, the reliability, accuracy, and finish of each gun is second to no other custom gunsmith I’ve encountered."

Sam Joseph, CSM USA (R)

"I wanted a special rifle and sought advice as I did not know where to start. A friend recommended Citizen Arms and I inquired and found what I was looking for and made my purchase. But the follow up support that ensued was what I wanted to discuss. I have often had questions, whether ammunition or loads etc. and have emailed Steve Adelmann and always received a very timely and thorough reply, usually within 24 hours! I have sought additional information regarding night vision assistance, etc and again received a very thorough, very timely response! Thanks for what you do!" Steve B

"Steve Adelmann's idea of customer service is second to none. He has helped myself and my department immensly in the past and continues to do so to this day. Whether it's technical support, gunsmithing, refinishing, or troubleshooting Steve always goes above and beyond to ensure that we have the best products and services available." P. LeRoy, Pinehurst, NC Police Department

"My Citizen Arms rifle is truly a masterpiece! This was my first "custom-built" rifle and I had never worked with Steve before. In fact, I had planned on buying a rifle from a well-known quality maker of ARs. However, a friend recommended I call Steve before I made my final decision.  Wow, did I make the right decision in going with CA!  From the very first conversation with Steve, I was beyond impressed with the amount of time he spent answering all of my questions, discussing every single piece of the rifle.  The conversation lasted over an hour, and there were several follow up emails. His focus on satisfying the customer is unmatched. When you are in the market for buying a custom-made rifle and you find yourself questioning if you should spend the money, STOP! You will never regret your decision to buy a CA rifle. They are worth every penny! Shortly after I received my rifle from CA, I attended the F.A.S.T Inc. Combat Rifle and Pistol training class in Texas and won the "Top Shooter" award. I credit most of that victory to the quality of that rifle. There is no doubt I will be purchasing another one from Steve in the future, either for my son, or one more for me."

Mike Bruecks, Vice President, Intrepid Global Security Solutions

"The rifles CA made for me were purpose built. I knew what I wanted the end product to be before it was started. In order to evaluate, develop or demo ammo you must start with an accurate platform, and when the builder is a shooter and not just a trigger puller, you end up with what you expect on the first try. The integrity of the builder can be seen in the rifle and the T&E results. That can't be bought, its just included as part of the deal."Tim H Sellers, Alamo Custom Ammo LLC

"As a former Special Forces soldier and member of a Combatant Commander’s In-extremis Force, I tend to demand a lot from the weapons that I use. When it comes to the guns built for me by Citizen Arms, I have a feeling that for the first time in my life the roles are reversed and it is the gun that makes the demands of me." Al Oliveira, MSG, US Army Special Forces, Retired.

"There are two philosophies when it comes to owning an AR.  Grab a mass produced Bushmaster/Colt etc right off the shelf and shoot what hundreds of other guys bought. Or, invest in a precision instrument, customized to personal specifications meeting your unique requirements, assembled  meticulously by an expert and refined with a professional finish.  Not only will a CA rifle visually impress fellow shooters, it will stun performance expectations.

Recommended to me by one of the US Army's small arms experts, I didn’t think twice about CA. I asked Steve to build a survival carbine, light yet accurate to mid-range, suppressor-ready, with weight and center of gravity at the core of the design.  We had a discussion on pros and cons of almost every single component of the rifle, and Steve spent considerable time weighing each part and considering how it affected the handling.  The result is a 'long carbine' that my tiny little wife (110 lbs) can hold without fatiguing from a standing position yet it can also hit silhouettes reliably at 600M.

When I decide to purchase a mid to long range rifle, I will return to CA.  I recommend any serious connoisseur of AR-style rifles to Citizen Arms." Lloyd Sanders- 20+ year Army Infantryman